My wife commented that I have too much film in the refrigerator and I need to get out and shoot some.

I responded ‘OK’.

I probably have 50 rolls of various types of film in the fridge and just bought another 40 rolls of the magnificent Astia 100.   Time to start shooting a lot of film!   I have to do my part as a husband…

A usual day in the neighborhood…

Today’s configuration:  Leica M6-J, Summilux 35mm f/1.4, Kodak Ektar 100

Japanese Mailbox


Tokyo Train

The wrong side of the tracks…

The other side of the tracks


I walked past this house the other day and was amazed at what a mess it was.  It was in an extremely expensive neighborhood in Tokyo.   I imagine their neighbors are not happy… that’s the front door on the right.  The mailbox is on top of that cinderblock.  I assume that wood and window frame thing is actually covering the living room window.

Messy House


Raggedy Ann or is this Andy?

Raggedy Ann

I went to my local Cut and Perm, in Japanese Ka-to ando Pa-mu, to get a hair cut but sadly they were closed…

Cut & Perm

Polar bear in a pink boa…

Polar Bear in a pink boa

I love the old style BMWs…


I saw this sign on someone’s entrance gate.   It is interesting to not like dogs this much…

No dogs

Flowers in the rain

A cool entrance to a nice Japanese house…

Japanese House

Sometimes you see houses that are set back and squeezed between other houses and their only street access is a narrow driveway.

Japanese House

Me in the mirror

Me in the mirror

Another cool car…

Cool old car


Jiyugaoka Shrine

Japanese Bicycle

Thanks for stopping by today…