Viewing Mt Fuji

Viewing Mt Fuji

I am lucky enough to have a great view of Mt Fuji from my office.  I have noticed that the view is getting better and better each month as we approach winter.

In August there were days you could see Fuji-san’s silhouette peaking through the horizon, especially at sunset…

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

September was more of the same…

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

In October I could start to see a snow covered Mt. Fuji peaking through the top of the clouds…

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

As we enter November the view is becoming breathtaking…as you can see a clear snow covered Fuji-san and the mountains towering over Tokyo.

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

This is great motivation to get to the office early so I can get a great photo of Fuji-san!   I like to get there nice and early and take a photo before all of the office lights are on.

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  1. Excellent photographs of a great view.

  2. Thanks Juergen…

  3. Very good photos I’ve never gone to Japan that’s why I’m happy to see these views.

  4. Wow Dave such gorgeous pictures, they make me do happy. Fuji San is do beautiful, I would love to go to Japan someday. Very nice shots!

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing :) May I ask in which area of Tokyo these pictures are taken? I’m visiting Tokyo at the end of the month and i hope to take some good pictures too :)

  6. What I wouldn’t give for an office with that view…

  7. i have a great view of Mt Fuji from my office in Minatomirai… but the department’s secretary insists on keeping the blinds closed all the time!
    i wonder if its UV-phobia or just sadism.
    and no, her computer screen doesn’t face the window/glazing.


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