I am lucky enough to have a great view of Mt Fuji from my office.  I have noticed that the view is getting better and better each month as we approach winter.

In August there were days you could see Fuji-san’s silhouette peaking through the horizon, especially at sunset…

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

September was more of the same…

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

In October I could start to see a snow covered Mt. Fuji peaking through the top of the clouds…

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

As we enter November the view is becoming breathtaking…as you can see a clear snow covered Fuji-san and the mountains towering over Tokyo.

Mt Fuji viewed from Tokyo

This is great motivation to get to the office early so I can get a great photo of Fuji-san!   I like to get there nice and early and take a photo before all of the office lights are on.

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