This week at Shoot Tokyo

This week at Shoot Tokyo

Merry Christmas!!, Happy Holidays, or Happy however you like to celebrate this time of the year

Yesterday I launched the new Shoot Tokyo weekly newsletter “This week at Shoot Tokyo” where I will send a weekly summary of everything happening on Shoot Tokyo in the previous 7 days.  It comes in a nice clean format in your inbox so you can quickly review and jump right to what interests you.   Additionally it’s portable so you can share with your friends.    If you have not already subscribed, you can do so right on the home page of ShootTokyo.    Come and join the Shoot Tokyo weekly round up!

The first issue of Shoot Tokyo's weekly Newsletter

Thanks for stopping by today…


  • John

    I signed up, but I never received the newsletter??? Let me know if I need to sign up again. I checked my spam and it was not there either. :(

  • Dave

    I checked and don’t have you listed for some reason John. Resubmit and I’ll send you right away.

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