All in Harajuku

Staying Balanced

Another busy week in Tokyo.  I am working really hard to keep everything in my life balanced.  It easy to get really busy or focused on one thing and have something else end up falling over.   For the past few weeks I felt like I have been able to maintain a very good

Another day in Tokyo

Two of my friends Marysol and Dennis were in Tokyo from Texas.   Dennis was kind enough to be one of the seven big backers on my Kickstarter Project that helped me to fund the creation of my ShootTokyo Book.   We first caught up for long lunch and then a personal

Behind the scenes

When I was shooting my Kickstarter video a few weeks ago I ended up shooting a lot of shots during the filming.  I thought it would be fun to share the ‘behind the scenes’ shots… We started off in Golden Gai.  It is one of my favorite locations in

Shooting Film: Portra 800@3200

I don’t often push color film but I had a roll of Portra 800 and thought I would give it a try.  I was surprised that it pushed very well.  I might need to try to push color film a little more. Today’s configuration:  Leica M6-J with Portra 800@3200 with


I am catching up on all of my scans of film.  I have a pile of negatives waiting to be scanned, processed and posted.   These are from a photowalk I held back in January for Coming of Age Day. Today’s configuration:  Leica M6-J with Portra 400 with Summilux 35mm f/1.4