All in Las Vegas

Los Angeles

I have been on the road for 26 days now.   I am really tired.   The glamorous life on the road isn’t all it is cracked up to be.   I just want to get home and hug my family. I spend last weekend in Santa Monica.  I spend most of Saturday in my hotel working on

Fremont Street

Finally back in Tokyo after 1.5 weeks in Las Vegas.   It snowed a lot in Tokyo while I was gone.   It was the most snow in 46 years!   Last year was the most snow I have seen in Tokyo.  Mother nature must have thought I was left out so it is snowing again today! I had

Viva Las Vegas

I am in Vegas for a few days for work.   I have been in my hotel for 3 days straight and got out for the first time today.  Entering hotels and casinos in Las Vegas is interesting.  No outside lights, clocks, it’s Saturday at 8PM 24 hours a day 7 days a