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My New Project

I get emails constantly by companies offering free gear.  Sometimes they just offer free gear and sometimes they are looking for paid placement on ShootTokyo through my posts.  I have said no every time as I am not a gear review site and I am not looking to have

Paper Pool

A few more shots from my Sunday of shooting with Rocco.   As I said it was really nice to get out and shoot.   I need to make sure I continue to do more of that.    Sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in my day. Below is a headshot I took of Rocco.

Failure is not an option

I recently picked up the Sony A7S as I want to start experimenting with video.  It is a very cool camera.  I’ll post up a series of photos soon.   For now I am playing with video.  I was debating internally if I should go and shoot a bunch of video become very