All in Jiyugaoka

Spring Time in Tokyo

I love spring time in Tokyo.  The weather is not too hot and not too cold.  You can wear a light sweater and a light jacket but the jacket isn’t required.   It was nice to not have a weekend that involved travel so I took the opportunity to get out with my wife

The mean streets of Jiyugaoka

I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start.  I can feel mine beginning to pick up after a nice break from travel with a trip to Dublin later this week and London the following.   I am very excited as I have never been to Dublin before and it is a place I have

Always carry your camera

I was watching an interview with the great Jay Maisel on KelbyOne the other day.   Jay is an iconic photographer and has been in the business for 60 years and is a wealth of wisdom.   He is retired now and teaches photography workshops in NYC.   In the interview Jay

Welcome to the future

Happy New Year!    Welcome to 2015.   I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations.   Mayumi and I just stayed in and enjoyed each others company. For those of us in my generation we grew up watching the movie Back to the Future.   In Back to the Future II

Finding Temples

One thing I love about living in Japan is finding temples to explore. There are some really amazing temples in Tokyo.   After living here a while you find yourself going back and fourth to the same temples over and over again.  One of my favorite temples to explore is

Needing Inspiration

I haven’t had enough time to get out and shoot trying to balance everything I have going on in my life with work, family and travel.  Perhaps I’m needing inspiration.   Perhaps I need to launch a 365 project or something to get my creative juices flowing

Found Frames

With all of my work, travel and personal projects I feel like I am going 1,000 miles an hour lately.  I was in Seoul last week for a few days.   Thankfully I’ll be in Tokyo for a few days but then I have trips coming up to London, San Francisco, and Seoul

Paper Pool

A few more shots from my Sunday of shooting with Rocco.   As I said it was really nice to get out and shoot.   I need to make sure I continue to do more of that.    Sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in my day. Below is a headshot I took of Rocco.

The Sony A7s

Last week I finally got the Sony A7s for shooting video.  I posted my first video on my ShootTokyo YouTube Channel.  It isn’t perfect but it wasn’t meant to be.  I am going to learn to shoot video and share it (mistakes and all) on YouTube Channel so feel

Last Week

I have been getting up super early to avoid the head and crowds on the train to work.   I am getting to work so early I sometimes arrive before Starbucks opens… I enjoy the quiet peaceful commutes to the office.    Nothing particularly special has been going on

Nice to be back home

It’s nice to be back home after so long on the road.  I was able to get out last weekend for a little bit with my Hasselblad.   There is something so satisfying about the ‘thunk’ sound the shutter makes.   It is a great way to get out and relax for a

Finally I get some Sushi

After a month on the road you really miss the comforts of home.   The one thing I really missed aside from my family was Japanese food.  I was dying for some sushi.  I starting eating more and more fish after a while during my trip to the US as I was really getting

Full Speed Ahead

I just landed in San Francisco off the red eye from Tokyo.   It’s amazing how getting a plane and sleeping is just second nature to me.   Of course I went to bed at 11PM and woke up at 2am.  I stay awake until 4am and finally fell asleep again for 2 hours.   The

A lot going on

Wow I have had a busy couple of weeks!  Sometime I have a lot going on in my life at one time. I got back another roll of film from from my Leica MP-3.  I really love shooting with this camera.  I haven’t shot with it as much as a I want yet I needed to order a

Changing the routine

One thing photographers can struggle with from time to time is inspiration.  Especially for those of us that photography is a hobby.   Where can I go shoot?   What can I shoot?   When can I shoot? I am often shooting on my commute to and from work.  A great way to

Inspiration and Lifestyle

I often hear from people that this is better than that.  I should get this this camera or rather than that camera.  For me what I want is something that fits my life style that inspires me to shoot.   Both of these points are very important to me and my photography

Calming and Blooming

The more I shoot my new Nikon F3 the more I like it.  It is such a simple camera to shoot and affordable.  I picked mine up for $450 with two lenses. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a first film camera.  The one thing I can’t seem to figure out are the

Around Nakane

I grabbed my new Nikon F3 this morning and loaded it with a roll of Portra 400 and headed out for a walk around Jiyugaoka and Nakane to see what this camera is like.  My initial reaction is it is super easy to use.  Loading film is a breeze, focusing is simple, and I