The morning after…

The morning after…

I love the sky the morning after a typhoon… It is so blue and clear.  It is the best time to get up early, grab your camera and get some shots with the sky in it.   The sky will be so blue it will look photoshopped.

For us in Tokyo Typhoon No. 17 was just a lot of wind and rain.  I hope it was for the rest across Japan…

Today’s camera:  Ricoh GR Digital

The sky the morning after a typhoon

The sky the morning after a typhoon

If possible, it would be better to schedule typhoons on Friday’s so we have a full day to go shooting on Saturday…   I don’t think I can control which day they are on but I wish I could.

The sky the morning after a typhoon

The sky the morning after a typhoon

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  1. Lovely blue skies. Any reason for the blurness on the lower right corner of the frame?

  2. Jen – no idea. I notice that as well. I was shooting through a window so perhaps that was the cause.

  3. This would have been the day to visit Hakone and get some fabulous photos of Fujisan!

  4. Amazing sky colour. Were you using any filter on the Ricoh, Dave?

  5. The windows were rattling. The wind howling. And this was a relatively week one .. (our first) and I was amazed at how blue the sky was the next morning. A beautiful day. Great photos.

    Cant wait until the winter mornings where I get to see Fuji clearly for the first time across Tokyo.

    Going to have to figure out how to get onto the roof of my building to shoot that one (smile)

  6. I mean “weak” one … (LOL)

  7. I know! This is why I would like Mother Nature to schedule the typhoons on Fridays going forward…

  8. Carlos – Just straight out of the camera…

  9. Hi Dave, thank you for the pretty pictures with bright blue skies! I haven’t seen a blue sky in a while, it’s hazy over here. Very much looking forward to your pictures of Fuji! Maybe you can fake an illness the next time a typhoon hits Japan so you can go shooting!

  10. Hey, Dave. Still lurking…living in the US again now. It’s been the hardest transition I’ve ever made. I miss Japan every day. It’s bittersweet to look at your blog, but every week or two, I’m here to peek & catch up anyway. Just wanted to say hi, I’m living in New Orleans now – definitely interesting for photo walking – but it’s no Japan. This post caught my eye since I saw my name in the first photo, of course. I’ll remember our amazing dinner at Ten fondly, and of course the chance to wander Tokyo with you. Hope all is going great.

  11. Glad you here you guys are doing well… I enjoyed our photowalk as well. Dinner at Ten was great but it is gone now sadly. I hope your husbands gets stationed back in Japan!

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