I am the photographer and blogger behind ShootTokyo.   Welcome to my home on the web!  I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts but my professional life has lead me from Boston to New York City, Singapore finally landing me in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. I live in the heart of Tokyo with my beautiful wife Mayumi, our 12 year old son Kai and his growing collection of insects.

I'm passionate about a lot of things in life as you will learn from reading my ShootTokyo.  Photography is on on-going passion and is the basis of this blog.   I am currently learning guitar.  I'm also an avid investor, everything from traditional investments to start-ups and exploring all of the new ways to invest that technology has brought us.   I run an online store called Grown Man Shave.  You can easily engage me in a conversation on any of these topics for hours.

I work in Technology and I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to travel around the world.  The combination of my love for photography coupled with my frequent travels and bias for technology make a blog a logical and rewarding hobby for me.

There are more than 750 posts contains within ShootTokyo of my favorite places in Tokyo, my travels or thoughts on photography.    I often get emailed about what cameras I use, how I edit my images, what settings I use or where the best place is to shoot in Tokyo.   If you are new here I suggest you start here to see all that site has to offer. 

This is a friendly place so feel free to engage, share, ask questions or just watch quietly from the shadows.   Everyone is welcome.

I collaborated with my friends at SmugMug.  Watch this video to get a feel for what ShootTokyo is all about.