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There is a lot of information contained within ShootTokyo.   There are more than 750 posts full of information on Tokyo and how I shoot.  These posts follow me as I travel around Japan, Asia and the world.   It has become an unintentional source of information for a lot of aspiring photographers and lovers of Japan.   I often get emailed about what cameras I use, how I edit my images, what settings I use or where the best place is to shoot in Tokyo.    If you are looking for something and can't find it try searching for it.  

I have compiled links to the most popular posts and common questions I get asked.  If you don’t find what you are looking for please feel free to contact me via my about page or connect with me on Social Media.   I'm not hard to find.


The ShootTokyo Blog

Established in 2010 out of the need for better work/life balance and has become an obsession for me.   The combination of my love for photography coupled with my frequent travels and bias for technology made a blog a logical and rewarding hobby for me.  Read about my trips around Japan, Asia and the world.

ShootTokyo Blog

The ShootTokyo Portfolio

The ShootTokyo Portfolio

A collection of my best images from around Japan from Tokyo to Kyoto.    Large images with stories and links back to the original blog posts.  


ShootTokyo Prints

Prints of my favorite images available as standard, fine art or metal prints delivered directly to your door.

ShootTokyo Prints

ShootTokyo Book

The ShootTokyo Book

A beautiful 100 page book of my favorite images of Japan.  The book has been meticulous manufactured by one of Japan’s top bookmakers.  It is a hardcover book with a cloth binding and the thickest paper I could find.


My Gear

There are no right and wrong answers.   The only thing that matters is what works for you.   A mix of film and digital rangefinder and medium format cameras work for me…

ShootTokyo Gear

ShootTokyo Show I shoot ebook

How I Shoot

I often get asked what setting I use or how I approach my photography.   Download my free eBook for all the details.


Where to ShootTokyo?

Tokyo is a massive city and I often get asked where is the best place to head out shooting.   I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite for you.

Shooting Tokyo

Why Shoot Film

Why Shoot Film?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Film is expensive. It is slow to process. It is time consuming to process but there is something about film that drives photographers to shoot it.


10 Things I Have Learned From Daily Shooting

A lot of people shoot daily as they are lucky enough to have a career in photography. Others embark on a 365 project while others just take photos all the time.   Daily shooting is how you can materially improve your photography in a rapid way.

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