I spent Sunday with my friend and follow photographer David shooting film in and around Yanaka.   In the evening we stopped for dinner and I was mentioning that I was looking to sell my Nikon gear.   David mentioned that he had a few Leica lenses that he never uses and through the conversation we decided to trade.  I am not sure who got the better deal but we are both extremely happy so it’s a win win.

One of the lenses I got was the legendary Leica Summilux 75mm f/1.4.   I have to say it was love at first shot…

The Leitz Summilux 90mm f/1.4

The colors in this lens are absolutely amazing…I haven’t shot with a ‘long’ lens in a while so it is nice to get some reach.

Yes! We're Open


Japanese License Plate

Me in the mirror

Me in the mirror

…and now a word from our sponsors.  スターバックス!

Starbucks Tokyo

The bokeh on this lens is very clean and smooth.


Tokyo Sunset…

One thing I read about this lens is how easily it can flare.   I got a bit of flare shooting this sunset.   I am going to look for ways to flare the lens and see what I can create.

Tokyo, Japan

Cool clouds over Tokyo…

Cool clouds over Tokyo

I tried a few of my $10 Head Shots for Charity with my new lens.    This lens is very flattering for portraits and the color rendering is really amazing…

$10 Headshots for Charity

$10 Headshots for Charity

On the Tokyo Subway

On the Tokyo Subway

On the Tokyo Subway

Hold On!


It is nice to be able to get a little distance from my subjects from time to time…

Jiyugaoka Station

Jiyugaoka Station

I captured this one on my way home on this rainy Tokyo night… like I said I love the colors this lens produces.

A rainy wet night in Tokyo

Wait until you see what else I got in the trade…  Thanks for stopping by today!