Back in Asia

Back in Asia

It’s nice to finally be back in Asia and getting back to my Asian diet.   I love going for Sushi for lunch.  I have had the last two days.  After eating Sushi you never get the heavy feeling you can get with other meals.

Today’s Configuration: Leica M9 and a Noctilux 50mm f/0.95.   FujiFilm x100.

Sushi in Shinjuku


Sushi in Shinjuku

Back at Mission Control…

Mission Control

I went for a walk when I got home… repark?


ABC Mart might be having a fair…

ABC Mart in Jiyugaoka

No Bike Parking

Am I the only ones that sees irony in the fact that ‘steps’ has killed their steps by installing a ramp…


Children's Toys

Has the bike parking epidemic moved indoors?

Bike Parking in doors?

Sabon in Jiyugaoka

Shops in Jiyugaoka

Cafe Medewo in Jiyugaoka


Cafe Medewo in Jiyugaoka





There isn’t enough Aloha Night events in this world…

Lighting Aloha Night

Jiyugaoka Station

Excelsior Caffe

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  • Kat

    I love those little shops in the sidestreets. Sort of like the mom & pop stores you’ll find in many rural areas. Sadly there’s not much of those here in my side of the world. The city’s awash with restaurant chains and other high end places. Or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. :)

  • BryantO

    Love the composition of the Jiyugaoka Station picture!

  • Tomasz Huczek

    Yes, I agree, sushi is very nice BUT I’m hungry after 30 minutes again :)

  • Dave

    Tomasz – Just eat some more then…

  • Michael Seneschal

    Nice… a Montblanc Meisterstuck. I have one as well – ballpoint platinum. I’ve got 3 Montblanc’s total, and a ton of other pens (I used to collect them)… but I’ll have to be honest, my favorite pen is a Sharpie. :)

  • Dave

    I love Montblanc Pens. I have a black and a platinum roller balls but my daily favorite is the black ball point.

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