All in Yurakucho

Familiar Places

I love going back to places where I have spent a lot of time in the past.  I instantly feel reconnected. My mind fills with memories of past adventures in the area.   I worked in the area for more than two years and had a lot of great meals in the area.  

Sell Your Soul

Another busy week in my life.  I think I am finally finding a good balance of my work schedule, Japanese study, photography and family (at least this week).  I hope I can continue to balance this and maybe find a little more time for exercise.  I have been watching

Getting around to shooting

I haven’t shot much film lately.  Not as much as I like anyways.   I was able to get out a few weeks ago to catch up with my friend Pieter for our camera trade.  I love getting new photography gear by trading and not having to spend additional money. The beauty

One Friday Night in Tokyo

Readers of ShootTokyo often drop me emails when they are coming to Tokyo to see if I want to meet up and go shooting.  I don’t get to do this nearly as often as I want do as my personal and professional life can be pretty demanding.   I really wish I could

A busy end to the week

My week continued extremely busy.   I feel like I never ever stop.   People always comment to me that they don’t know how I am able to maintain my blogging and shooting schedule.  I find that the busier I am the more I am able to accomplish.