All in Shinjuku

Jet Lag

I stayed up until 10:45PM last night and sure enough I'm wide awake at 1:40AM.  I tried everything I could fall back sleep.  After 2 hours of staring at the ceiling I decided to do some work.   


I have had a lot going on lately.  Wow it’s been almost a month!   I think this was the longest I haven’t posted on ShootTokyo but life sometimes goes that way.  I have been super busy with some family things that needed my attention.  It just wasn’t

Another Convert

It’s been a while…  I have been super busy with work and trying to dedicate more time for studying Japanese so this is coming at the expense of my ShootTokyo posts.   I am trying to study 1 hour a day and have been pretty good at maintaining that pace for

Flashing February

I picked up the Leica SF 24D Flash a few years ago but I haven’t used it much.  I mostly use my larger Leica SF-58 Flash which I am pretty comfortable with but it isn’t very practical or very ergonomic to shoot with.    I want to get better with the SF 24D

The year comes to an end

I love this time of year.   Japan shuts down at the end of the year and I have some time to myself so I can close out on all of the unfinished things in my life.  I finish any paperwork I need to get done around the house, I empty my email boxes, I go through my

Another day in Tokyo

Two of my friends Marysol and Dennis were in Tokyo from Texas.   Dennis was kind enough to be one of the seven big backers on my Kickstarter Project that helped me to fund the creation of my ShootTokyo Book.   We first caught up for long lunch and then a personal

Lunch in the Clouds

My friends Stephen and Laura were in town from Taipei this weekend.  My wife Mayumi and I caught up with them for a long and casual lunch at the New York Grill on the 52th floor of Shinjuku’s Park Hyatt Hotel.    The bar in this restaurant became famous in the

The Sony A7s

Last week I finally got the Sony A7s for shooting video.  I posted my first video on my ShootTokyo YouTube Channel.  It isn’t perfect but it wasn’t meant to be.  I am going to learn to shoot video and share it (mistakes and all) on YouTube Channel so feel

Robot Restaurant

I get asked a lot by students coming to Tokyo what is a good cost effective camera to capture Tokyo with.   I always answer the same way – the Ricoh GR.   I love mine.  It has great ISO capability.  The wide perspective is perfect for capturing Tokyo.    You can

Harmonica Yokocho

I went shooting with my friend Henry last weekend and he let me borrow his Leica M Type 240.   I haven’t tried that camera before so thought it would be interesting to try it out and see if I like it. We decided to head to Kichijoji’s Harmonica Yokocho

Behind the scenes

When I was shooting my Kickstarter video a few weeks ago I ended up shooting a lot of shots during the filming.  I thought it would be fun to share the ‘behind the scenes’ shots… We started off in Golden Gai.  It is one of my favorite locations in

A lot going on

Wow I have had a busy couple of weeks!  Sometime I have a lot going on in my life at one time. I got back another roll of film from from my Leica MP-3.  I really love shooting with this camera.  I haven’t shot with it as much as a I want yet I needed to order a

Being Focused

I love the feeling when I first start processing images from my Leica Monochrom.  I have the same thought every time.  Why don’t I shoot with this camera more.  The image quality is just so fantastic.    The details in each image continue to surprise me.  I

Inspiration and Lifestyle

I often hear from people that this is better than that.  I should get this this camera or rather than that camera.  For me what I want is something that fits my life style that inspires me to shoot.   Both of these points are very important to me and my photography

Back in Golden Gai

This is the 3rd and final leg is my fantastic night of photography last week.   Here is one and two. I wish every night of photography for me is like this.   I was just having a great time.  Didn’t have a lot on my mind.   Scenes and images just seemed to appear

Yakitori in Shinjuku

Continuing on my trip to Shinjuku with my friend Scott.   We surfaced from the subway and these two kids were sitting in front of McDonald’s eating some fries.     They were fun to shoot. I am really happy with the images from this outing.  Sometimes I am just

En Route Shinjuku

My friend Scott was in town on business this week.   We both have a lot in common; we both love Japan, speak Japanese, have Japanese wives, love photography and even both of our kids are named Kai.  It’s a little freaky to meet someone that has that much in

Ilford Pan F 50

I arrived in Las Vegas last night.   For people that don’t travel for work really don’t understand how unpleasant it can be.   I went to sleep around midnight and was wide awake at 2:30am.    It is going to be a long painful day… I got my scanning