All in M Monochrom

War Against War

There has been a building debate in Japan as its current Prime Minster plans to modify the current pacifist constitution and the debate is specifically around the modification of Article 9. Here is a good summary of the issue from the US Library of Congress:

Sell Your Soul

Another busy week in my life.  I think I am finally finding a good balance of my work schedule, Japanese study, photography and family (at least this week).  I hope I can continue to balance this and maybe find a little more time for exercise.  I have been watching

New York City Monochromo

Here is a series of New York City Monochrom images from my trip at the beginning of the month.   I have been doing a bunch of travel since to Singapore and Thailand.  I write this as I am sitting in the airport lounge at Haneda airport catching the 1AM flight to San


I just spent the last week in Mumbai India.   I have made a few trips to India in the past year but I haven’t had much time for photography so wanted to make sure I was able to take some pictures this trip.   The trip was for an event my company was hosting.

Flashing Tokyo: Week 2

I am continuing flashing Tokyoites with a deadpan look on their face…  I am getting the hang of this and really getting a feel for which backgrounds work well with this.  I really like how the images are coming out. Meet Frederique… Today’s Configuration:

Flashing Tokyo: Week 1

I have been carrying my Leica M Monochrom 28mm lens and my small Leica flash for the past week. My shots while out on the street didn’t come out that great but I also didn’t really try that hard.  I mostly spent my time shooting people.  I think I am

Flashing February

I picked up the Leica SF 24D Flash a few years ago but I haven’t used it much.  I mostly use my larger Leica SF-58 Flash which I am pretty comfortable with but it isn’t very practical or very ergonomic to shoot with.    I want to get better with the SF 24D


I landed in Dublin yesterday and was able to make it through the day without crashing.   The trick to getting over jet lag is not going to sleep when you get there.  I typically try to stay up until 10 or 11PM on the first night.   I ended up falling asleep around

Frankfurt Airport 5AM

My 12 hour flight from Tokyo went very smoothly.   I boarded the flight and like clockwork I was fast asleep before the door even shut.   I slept 9 hours straight.   That is longer than I sleep any night of the week.  I was able to get about half way through my

Two for Tuesday

I just finished packing and have a 1am flight to Frankfurt with a connection to Dublin.    I know a lot of people don’t like red eye flights but they really are perfect for me.    I sleep really well on planes.   It is a 12 hour flight to Germany, I have a 5

The mean streets of Jiyugaoka

I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start.  I can feel mine beginning to pick up after a nice break from travel with a trip to Dublin later this week and London the following.   I am very excited as I have never been to Dublin before and it is a place I have

The year comes to an end

I love this time of year.   Japan shuts down at the end of the year and I have some time to myself so I can close out on all of the unfinished things in my life.  I finish any paperwork I need to get done around the house, I empty my email boxes, I go through my

Street Photography Basics

Being a blog owner I get all sorts of email.   Can I do a guest post?   Can you do a review of [insert product name here]?   Is ShootTokyo for sale?    Can you write a guide book on photowalks in Tokyo so I can sell it along with my others?   Can you translate this

It's been a while

I’ve had the song “It’s been a while” from Staind stuck in my head for a few months now.  I love that song… December and January are fantastic months for viewing Mt Fuji from Tokyo.   The sky is very clear, especially in the morning.  I

3 Strangers in Shibuya

Today I went out for a photowalk with Michael one of the backers of my Kickstarter Project.  We shot at a bit at Zojoji Temple with my wife Mayumi.  I shot film so it will be a while until I can post those photos. After that Michael and I headed to Shibuya to try some

Exploring London

After a busy week in London I finally had a day for myself for exploring London and some photography.  I was initially thinking I was going to host a photowalk but I was pretty burnt out from the week so I decided to spend the day catching up with colleagues and

Exploring Jakarta

I finally had my first day off in a while today.  All of my travel and work has eaten up a lot of my weekends late.   I’m looking forward to a few days off when I get back to Tokyo. One of my readers of ShootTokyo Wiama and his friend Astrid kindly offered to

A short walk in Bangkok

After a short flight (well 5 hours seems short lately) I settled into my hotel and decided to go for a short walk in Bangkok while it was still light out.   I haven’t been to Thailand for about 3 years.   It is nice to be back and see how the city has changed