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Jet Lag

I stayed up until 10:45PM last night and sure enough I'm wide awake at 1:40AM.  I tried everything I could fall back sleep.  After 2 hours of staring at the ceiling I decided to do some work.   

Inspiration and Lifestyle

I often hear from people that this is better than that.  I should get this this camera or rather than that camera.  For me what I want is something that fits my life style that inspires me to shoot.   Both of these points are very important to me and my photography

Anthemble in Marunochi

I held another networking Happy Hour at Athemble in Marunochi last night.  I previously held Happy Hours at Mood Board and So Tired (my favorite place to go eat after work).  You see many photos of mabudofu in my Instagram stream from So Tired.  I love that place.

Considerably Less Busy

I was considerably less busy this week than the past month or so.   ‘Less busy’ is a relative term with me as I always have a million and one things going on at once.   I have a very demanding work schedule and a very aggressive personal and family

The Contax T3

I have been thinking for a while about picking up a compact film camera.   This is a cool little film camera. While my Leica is very small I sometimes just want a point and shoot and this was a great choice.   I can see myself starting to collect compacts.