All in Flash

Flashing Tokyo: Week 2

I am continuing flashing Tokyoites with a deadpan look on their face…  I am getting the hang of this and really getting a feel for which backgrounds work well with this.  I really like how the images are coming out. Meet Frederique… Today’s Configuration:

Flashing Tokyo: Week 1

I have been carrying my Leica M Monochrom 28mm lens and my small Leica flash for the past week. My shots while out on the street didn’t come out that great but I also didn’t really try that hard.  I mostly spent my time shooting people.  I think I am

Flashing February

I picked up the Leica SF 24D Flash a few years ago but I haven’t used it much.  I mostly use my larger Leica SF-58 Flash which I am pretty comfortable with but it isn’t very practical or very ergonomic to shoot with.    I want to get better with the SF 24D

Matthew's Birthday

Saturday was my friend Matthew’s birthday so on Saturday night I headed out to Devil Craft in Hamamatsucho.   This place has great craft beer and deep dish pizza.   I was actually surprised how good it was.   I wanted to be a bit lazy so I bolted my small flash

3 Strangers in Shibuya

Today I went out for a photowalk with Michael one of the backers of my Kickstarter Project.  We shot at a bit at Zojoji Temple with my wife Mayumi.  I shot film so it will be a while until I can post those photos. After that Michael and I headed to Shibuya to try some

Gambatte Kai

I was recently recruited to a new company and will be starting a new job on Monday.  I won’t go into the details here on ShootTokyo.  You are welcome to guess but my  answer/confirmation will be on my LinkedIn on Monday when I update it. I’ve had the past

Sayonara Jim

One of the parts of Japanese culture I really love is Sayonara parties.  It is a great way to honor and thank people who worked hard to help and support you.  Jim came over from San Francisco to help us for a year and Friday was his last day in Japan before heading

Anthemble in Marunochi

I held another networking Happy Hour at Athemble in Marunochi last night.  I previously held Happy Hours at Mood Board and So Tired (my favorite place to go eat after work).  You see many photos of mabudofu in my Instagram stream from So Tired.  I love that place.

Mood Board

I have been trying out a new approach of hosting ‘Happy Hours’ as a technique of team celebration coupled with company awareness/market awareness with a lot of success.   In August I rented out the famous and trendy bar ‘So Tired’ in Marunochi

So Tired

It has been a long few months at work and my team has been working really hard.    Last night I rented out the famous and trendy bar ‘So Tired’ in Marunochi (near Ginza) and hosted a Happy Hour for my team and their friends.