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Fremont Street

Finally back in Tokyo after 1.5 weeks in Las Vegas.   It snowed a lot in Tokyo while I was gone.   It was the most snow in 46 years!   Last year was the most snow I have seen in Tokyo.  Mother nature must have thought I was left out so it is snowing again today! I had

Las Vegas Photowalk

Last time I was in Las Vegas I had no time to capture this magnificent city.   The only shot I got was this mountain range from out my hotel window at the Wynn.    I am heading to Las Vegas this morning and I am hoping to change that this trip.  I will have Saturday

Coming of Age Day Photowalk

This coming Monday is Coming of Age Day, or Seijin no Hi (成人の日), in Japan.  This is the day where Japan’s youth are welcomed into adulthood with celebrations held at local prefectural centers.  You are considered an adult when you reach the age of 20 in Japan.

San Francisco

What a long but fantastic 10 days in San Francisco.   I’m sitting in my hotel room, packed, exhausted and ready to head to the airport.    Last weekend I held a photowalk when I had a little free time.   As always a great crowd showed up.

San Francisco Photowalk

I will be going to San Francisco for business and when I travel I like to hold photowalks in the city I am in as it is a great way to see the city and meet up with a lot of people at once.   I have held past photowalks in Tokyo, Sydney, Beijing, Singapore