All in Tokyo

Ohanami in Kinuta Park

Today was a bit of mixed weather with the threat of rain.   Mayumi and I headed to Kinuta Park to meet some of my coworkers for Ohanami.  It started to rain as we left but thankfully it wasn’t raining when we got to the park. I found a drive through Starbucks in

Alternative Vacation

I try to view the same places with fresh perspectives to see if I can find anything new about them.   I try to observe the world around me for interesting things.  As a photographer you need to notice what others do not.   Who else noticed the carefully placed cone

Around Zojoji

I finally got back to explore around Zojoji.   I have lived in Tokyo for too long to not have gone and shot here.  I first came here last year for Tokyo Photo and since I have wanted to come back.   The break over new years gave me a lot of down time to catch up on my

An Expensive Light Meter

In the first few week so shooting my Hasselblad I was really struggling to trust what my light meter was saying.  I was mostly shooting wide open.  On my light meter I would set my film speed and check what shutter speed matched my 2.8 aperture setting on my lens.

Tokyo Skyline

One of the shots I have wanted to take for a while was the Tokyo Skyline but I never get out to Odaiba for photography.  I go out there with my family and usually not at the best time of the day either.

Dinner at Nobu Tokyo

Do you have one of those restaurants that you eat at and as soon as you finish the meal you want to go there again?   For me that place is Nobu Tokyo.     I have dubbed this place ‘The yummiest place on earth‘… I was lucky enough to have dinner there

The Card Shop

I was speaking to my wife the other week and she mentioned that my photos would make great cards.   She wanted a set of cards of my favorite shot of the Geisha in Kyoto that she could use when she writes notes to her friends.   I ended up ordering a few other boxes as

I am feeling busier and busier as we approach the year end.   I am hoping that life slows down over the holidays and gives me a chance to catch up at home with my family. Today’s configuration: Leica M Monochrom with various Leica lenses My Audi sales guy has

On the road again

I’m back on the road again.  I am sitting at Narita Airport waiting for my red eye flight to Sydney.   I can’t count how many red eye flights I have taken this year.  Actually I probably can but I prefer not to.

Black (& White) Friday

I got up early today and as I was heading out the door at 6:45 as usual I realized I didn’t have any early morning meetings for once.   The benefit of working for a US based company – Thanksgiving Weekend!   While it isn’t a holiday in Japan I can

Considerably Less Busy

I was considerably less busy this week than the past month or so.   ‘Less busy’ is a relative term with me as I always have a million and one things going on at once.   I have a very demanding work schedule and a very aggressive personal and family

Tokyo Photo 2013

For those in Tokyo this weekend you are in for a treat.  Tokyo Photo 2013 is being held at Zojo-ji.   Top galleries from US, Europe and Asia are showcasing and selling their best prints including some very rare vintage prints.

Jet Lag and Technology

I had a trip to Scottsdale Arizona this week.   I arrived on Sunday.  I am usually pretty good at quickly adjusting to timezones and avoiding jet lag but this trip was not the case. I went to sleep at 11:30pm on Sunday night and woke up at midnight.


I was cleaning up the working folders in my Lightroom Library and found a bunch of images from my Leica M Monochrom that I haven’t shared yet so I thought I would.   I really enjoy shooting with his camera.  It has often become my go to camera in the evening

Heading to San Francisco

I am at Nartia and heading to San Francisco.   My travel comes in spirts and it’s been more than a month since I traveled.   I grabbed The Friendly Bus from the Westin.  People always think I am kidding when I say I am taking ‘The Friendly Bus’

Within a day

I find it interesting when I review my photos and see what I am able to see within a day as I go around Tokyo. I don’t think I’ll ever take for granted how great of a city I live in. There are constantly scenes for me to photography

Restoring Memories

I went with a team from work to volunteer and help with restoring memories for some people who need it. We went to a beach town called Chigaseki about an hour from Tokyo. I’m sure many of you have the exact same question I had when I first emerged