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Spring Time in Tokyo

I love spring time in Tokyo.  The weather is not too hot and not too cold.  You can wear a light sweater and a light jacket but the jacket isn’t required.   It was nice to not have a weekend that involved travel so I took the opportunity to get out with my wife

Gambatte Kai

I was recently recruited to a new company and will be starting a new job on Monday.  I won’t go into the details here on ShootTokyo.  You are welcome to guess but my  answer/confirmation will be on my LinkedIn on Monday when I update it. I’ve had the past

Robot Restaurant

I get asked a lot by students coming to Tokyo what is a good cost effective camera to capture Tokyo with.   I always answer the same way – the Ricoh GR.   I love mine.  It has great ISO capability.  The wide perspective is perfect for capturing Tokyo.    You can

Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day in Japan.    The current constitution was drafted under the direction of the US after World War II and  went into effect on May 3rd, 1947.   Japan’s current constitution replaced Japan’s militaristic and absolute monarchy with democracy. It

Ohanami in Kinuta Park

Today was a bit of mixed weather with the threat of rain.   Mayumi and I headed to Kinuta Park to meet some of my coworkers for Ohanami.  It started to rain as we left but thankfully it wasn’t raining when we got to the park. I found a drive through Starbucks in

Ome Plum Tree Garden

My teams work very hard and sometimes you need to take a break.  Last friday we head out of the center of Tokyo for a bit of rest and bonding.   We started out at Akigawa Trout Fishing Park for a bit of river fishing and a BBQ.  This place is a lot of fun.  I spent

Ohanami in Nakameguro

It’s that time of year again and Ohanami in Nakameugro is about as good as it gets in my opinion.  I love being able to walk by Meguro River viewing the cherry blossoms, watch the people, take in the sights and sounds and the smells from the many food vendors

Sayonara Jim

One of the parts of Japanese culture I really love is Sayonara parties.  It is a great way to honor and thank people who worked hard to help and support you.  Jim came over from San Francisco to help us for a year and Friday was his last day in Japan before heading