All in Ginza

Last Week

I have been getting up super early to avoid the head and crowds on the train to work.   I am getting to work so early I sometimes arrive before Starbucks opens… I enjoy the quiet peaceful commutes to the office.    Nothing particularly special has been going on

Constitution Day

Today is Constitution Day in Japan.    The current constitution was drafted under the direction of the US after World War II and  went into effect on May 3rd, 1947.   Japan’s current constitution replaced Japan’s militaristic and absolute monarchy with democracy. It

Exploring Ginza

After Shibuya I spent some time exploring Ginza.   There is always so much going on in the streets.  I really enjoy walking around Ginza and seeing all the activity.   On the days they close the streets it is perfect for street photography.

A long year

I feel like this year has gone on forever.    I think I have accomplished a lot this year and have areas I want to continue to improve. The goals I set out for myself for 2013 were: #1 Be a student of photography #2 Improve my technical skills as a photographer #3

A busy start to the week

When I was in Sydney last week I didn’t get much chance to get out and shoot.  I was able to capture this shot of Darlin Harbor out of my hotel window.    I have one more trip for the year and then I am done.   I have a red eye to Singapore on Sunday and a red

Another roll down

I got a bit lazy and haven’t been shooting film as much as I wanted lately so I have been making a concerted effort to shoot more film.   I am really pleased with the results I am seeing and just a few rolls later I am reminded why I love the look of film